Technology Advances are Revolutionizing the Home Inspection

Technology Advances are Revolutionizing the Home Inspection

Posted on October 25th, 2022.

Technology evolution in home inspection now enables a number of advances that benefit clients and agents alike. Agents that take advantage of these developments will help improve their clients’ home buying and selling process and will save themselves time as well.

Interactivity enables the buyer to review a visual inspection summary, offering expanded insights and information the buyer will use well into the future. Much more expansive than an ordinary virtual tour, the interactive format brings the inspection report to life. By visually highlighting issues noted during the inspection, an interactive report enables the client to get a clearer understanding of each area of concern. A client can also revisit the home virtually whenever they wish, which means fewer in-person visits are needed.

A digital homeowner’s manual is a useful new element made possible by new technology. With this feature, home appliances are screened for current recalls, and the homeowner is alerted should future recalls occur. Owner’s manuals, warranty information and much more are accessible via an app that puts everything the homeowner needs to troubleshoot, operate and maintain their home right at their fingertips.

New tech-based features mean that buyers and sellers get more and better information when, where and how they need it, while agents can keep transactions moving and get to closings faster.


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